A Warm Place to Call Home, a Full Belly and Thou

We’ve had two more big storms here in Truchas bringing much needed snow our way. For those of you who don’t know, the snow, here and higher up on the mountain, is primarily what gives us our much needed water in the spring and summer. So we always celebrate snow. Well, that and the fact it’s simply beautiful.


Some of us even still play in it. Do you see the invitation in those eyes?


But the temperatures have really dipped with these storms–3 degrees when I got up this morning at 5–so I’ve been extra careful to see to it that the wild birds are well fed…


… and my animals are warm and full and happy.



I really feel for all the wild critters in weather like this. They have to make it in all conditions… or not. Being extra conscious of them lately made what happened especially sweet.

I have these odd stacks of rocks at the head of my walkway (a little unfinished art project, can you relate?)…


… and last night, coming home from dinner, I noticed something. When I get out of my car, the headlights stay on for awhile (a nice feature since it’s pitch black up here when there’s no moon) and it created some amazing shadow and light. Because of this strong light I noticed three sets of tiny little footprints in the snow, heading for my stack of rocks. When I looked closer I saw that all three led right up to the rocks, and then there were little scuffle marks showing they’d squeezed themselves in.


Somebody, probably a little family of mice, is living in my rocks!


And I know it may sound silly but I was just so happy that I am providing shelter for them. With their tummies likely full of birdseed, sown nearby, insulated under the rock and snow, three souls found comfort last night. And that was surprisingly comforting to me.


May we all have what we need and may we spread our good fortune to those who don’t.

Love to you all,




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