Why I Love My Country Life…

A picture is worth 1000 words, right? So here we go. Why I love my country life:







Do you “SEE” the silence? I hope so because that’s the thing I think I love the most about living in the country: Silence and the time to appreciate it.

I read something the other day. A psychiatrist did a study testing the brains of people who live in the country verses the brains of people who live in big cities. Not only were the “country” brains calmer, they were also more available to learn and observe because they weren’t overwhelmed with noise and other stimulus and that “fight or flight” thing. That’s right, the “city” brains were consumed by a constant jerking back into a fight or flight response to their lives. THAT’S pretty illuminating I’d say.

But I know everybody can’t live in the country. Most careers aren’t located here, so many of you are tied to cities. And, anyway, if everyone did come to the country it would become a city, right?

The psychiatrist recommended that city folks become aware of the stress level they’re living with just because of where they live, and that they consciously do things to reduce the stress: yoga, meditating, frequent trips out of the city… I like to think this blog is something good to dip into, that it is a kind of “virtual trip” to the country, a momentary immersion into the simpler things in life.

I, personally, love living the kind of life where my dog has the time and presence of mind to sit and gaze at a rainbow. Wishing each of you this kind of peace:


Love to you all,




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