December 18, 2014


Happy Thanksgiving!

So, since you are my friends, a part of my family really, I’ve missed you. And although I had little to say, I wanted to share it with you anyway. And to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving. We do, each and every one of us, have so much to be grateful for, don’t we?


Potato/Mushroom Pie

For this small luncheon with steak and salad, I took some medium/small Yukon gold potatoes, sliced them about 1/4” on a mandolin, par boiled them a few minutes…


What We Do For Love

Guy started “THE Magazine” twenty-three years ago because he had a mother who took him around to all the galleries and museums in New York City when he was growing up and he came to appreciate art and artists. He wanted to create a place where they would be intelligently and objectively reviewed, where the reader would be exposed to and engaged by a spirit of adventure and new ideas…

IMG_0463 small

In Celebration of Art

So in celebration of art and we artists who make it, I have painted and offer up this modest body of work intended to pay homage to the generations of modernists who broke through the barriers of understanding that make it possible for me to do what I do.

A Summer Morning, Truchas small

Jeane George Weigel’s Opening!

And that’s what my show is about. It’s about a person, in a place, finding self and being made whole again. It’s a portrait of the land that has held me, comforted me, a land that has known its own pain and struggle and hardship.


Giving Art Room to Breathe

There are so many demands in our daily lives, from people, paperwork, chores, errands… in fact the “responsible” reasons NOT to create our art can be overwhelming, seductive even, and they can overtake.


Under the Truchas Sun

It was something I could believe in back when I didn’t know enough to believe in myself–when I didn’t know that I am, in fact, that woman (as so many of us are) who found it within herself to recreate a life, one with meaning and purpose, by herself and for herself.


Trusting the Process of Life

I wish for all of us the pursuit of our dreams and the blessing of parents who grant them; to BE the parents who grant them, and the friends who support them. May we all live within our greatest possibilities and trust the process of life.


Getting Out of My Own Way

Follow your impulses as much as you are able because they are indicating some truth for you, some path, some next step. Be still sometimes within your busy lives so you can hear them.


The Sugar Nymphs Bistro, Peñasco, NM

They always begin every meal, every cake, every dish, with the very best ingredients available. They never scrimp because of costs, and this is just one of the many ways the Sugar Nymphs shine above so many others.