What Are We Missing?


This month is Skye’s third year anniversary of coming to live with me (see previous posts Night Skye, A Celebration of Skye’s First Year and Rescue Dog: For the Love of Skye). I wasn’t going to mark it on the blog but something quite amazing has happened lately: Skye is letting me touch her.


This may not sound like a big deal to most of you but Skye has been so fearful for nearly three years, that she would bolt anytime I walked too close to her, anywhere in the house, or any time of day, with one exception.


She would let me CAREFULLY pet her when I tucked the dogs into their beds at night–but not too much and not too close. She was, I should note, very comfortable with the other dogs, Kelee who raised her, and the newer-comer, Finny. She adores them both. I was another story, however. Definitely not a member of Skye’s comfort club.


But, as I said, things have changed. I can actually sit with her, now, and pet her anyplace anytime. I massage her ears and her muscles, I scratch her back and tummy and chest (she favors her chest and lifts her front paws so I can get in there), and I stroke her–long, luxurious, caresses from her nose, down her back, to the tip of her tail; under her soft mouth and chin, her sweet neck and dulaps. She gazes up at me in wonderment and rapture. And I say to her, “You see what you’ve been missing? The DOGS can’t do this for you, can they?”


And that has made me think and wonder: What do I miss by being fearful? What would I be amazed by if I wasn’t bound up by old restrictions? What protections do I hold onto that are no longer necessary?

And honestly, I don’t know. Do you?


On a daily basis my little Skye presents herself to me now…


… asking for the attention, the love, that’s been available to her all along, that she’s been too afraid to accept.


And I ask all of us: What are we missing?


A nod to Skye’s brother dog, Kelee, who brought her around from feral to possible to probable to doable. Dear Skye has done the rest.

Kelee Lit by the Sun

Love to you all,


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