This Journey is a Remembering

Judy Glazier wrote this lovely piece and I am sharing it in the Readers Write section of the blog. Thank you Judy! I hope more of you will send in writing, photographs… whatever you feel communicates your thoughts and feelings, your experience of living. We’d all like to hear from you.    Love to you all, Jeane


This Journey is a Remembering

by Judy Glazier

Since my path has taken many twists and turns, I’ve attempted recently to explain my journey for my children and grandchildren. We sometimes make decisions out of necessity and sometimes we manage to follow our bliss. That’s part of the great mystery and ultimate delight in living. I have no doubt that more twists and turns are in store despite my 7 decades on this journey.



No anger, no hate, no judgments

Out of the womb, fresh and new

The newly born must come to understanding, must come to knowing.

Of science and history, religion and philosophy

Of human nature and Nature and one’s place within

Of time and reality and truth

Of separateness and oneness with the Universe

Of new dimensions.

So much to know, to learn, to explore, to understand

So little time in a human lifetime

The time becomes short and then discovery:

This journey, this quest is a circle,

The Circle from birth to earthly death

Not an exercise in learning and understanding

This journey is a remembering.