November 22, 2014

Horse Energy

They’re ba-a-a-a-ck! Remember my horse neighbors who came to call and then left in the blink of an eye (see previous post New NEIGH-bors 2)? Well, they’re back. They got out of their pasture somehow and came right back here to my land. I guess they had good memories of their stay here.

They were galloping and galloping around (I wish I knew how to use my new video camera) driving Kelee (see previous post A Three Legged Man of the West) nuts…

Horse Energy IMG 1675 600x381

… but finally settled down into some serious grazing…

Horse Energy IMG 16361 600x450

…and more grazing…

Horse Energy IMG 16431 450x600

… and yet even more grazing… Yeah, you get the idea. These horses are grazing machines.

Horse Energy IMG 16441 450x600

Remember how friendly the brown guy was? Well, nothing has changed in his absence. In fact it’s possible that absence may well have made the heart grow fonder, as they say. He saw me coming out of Kim’s Airstream and came right over to say, “Hi…”

Horse Energy IMG 16401 450x600


Horse Energy IMG 16371 600x450


Horse Energy IMG 16381 450x600


Horse Energy IMG 16391 450x600

“… let’s just wait here by the front door and, let me see, yeah, GRAZE some more… and some more, and some more…”

Horse Energy IMG 16451 456x600

… until another day has ended… and then we’ll get up and do it all again… and again…  and again…  Ah, structure. There’s nothing like it in a life, right?

Horse Energy IMG 16471 600x450

And just when I thought I had this new “structure” integrated into my life, a new day dawned and the word must have gotten out because there are two MORE horses in the yard as I write this–right here in the studio windows, big as life…

Horse Energy IMG 1679 600x450

And my wonder dog, Kelee, a herding dog deep down to his soul, isn’t barking at these two new interlopers… THANK YOU KELEE…

Horse Energy IMG 1681 600x450

In spite of the fact they are very much in his space…

Horse Energy IMG 1685 450x600

on his land…

Horse Energy IMG 1693 450x600

… making themselves at home and eating HIS grass…

Horse Energy IMG 1697 450x600

… he is here, at my feet, deciding to let well enough alone.

Horse Energy IMG 1742 600x471

And what a great example he makes. How much better the world would be if we could all rise above our natures, find acceptance and give the other space to be.

Horse Energy IMG 1699 600x440

Love to you all,


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