Truchas, NM on a Saturday Morning–Welcome to My World

OK everybody, true to my word I’m going to do a POST on the blog today instead of my every-morning pic and quote on facebook. I’m hoping the facebookers will follow me here and respond on the blog. I really want to open an active dialog here. So please respond on this post as you would on the facebook page (and for those of you who want to share the post on FB, just “like” it on the blog and you’ll be given the opportunity to share it). In addition to commenting on the post, I’m hoping you will also communicate with me in the “Contact” area of the blog, sending your questions and thoughts.

But for now, welcome to my morning.

It was a little nippy because I got up well before the sun, so I made a fire and everybody gathered:


Kim came over and we had a cup of coffee before venturing out for a walk. Once the sun was offering a little light we headed out:

The acequia that runs across my property was babbling like a little brook in the early morning light:

And then there was the sun rising above the mountain and painting the sky red:

Walking back to the house we were facing the valley and the sun was sending its light over there as well:

We decided to have a big breakfast this Saturday morning–steak…

… and eggs:

By the time we sat down to breakfast the sun was fully up and streaming into the house:

This is my world. Please write and tell me about yours. Those stories or thoughts or questions that resonate with me will be published. I’ll email you if I’m publishing something of yours and you can send me some photos (if you choose to do that).

Now for the daily quote:

“It is art that makes life, makes interest, makes importance, and I know of no substitute for the force and beauty of it’s process.” Henry James

Love to you all,


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