A Very Cool Tree House in Truchas, NM

Okay, I live in a tiny village of 900 people. I should know EVERYTHING about this place, right? Well, I found out the other day that I don’t. When my friend, LaShanda Epp, took Kim and me out to see the buffalo (see previous post The Buffalo of Truchas, New Mexico), she asked if we wanted to also see the tree house. The WHAT? Right there on the Lopez ranch, without me ever knowing it, is one of the coolest tree houses you could ever hope to see!

It sits on some of the most beautiful land in Truchas with, you guessed it, stunning views. I want to sleep there and wake as the sun is rising over Truchas Peaks. That won’t be happening any time soon, but at least I can share the experience of visiting it with you.

Take a look at this stunning little place. Wouldn’t you have gone nuts to climb into such an amazing tree house when you were a kid? Heck, Kim and I went nuts now and we’re certainly not kids! Anyway, here you go—photos of one of the coolest tree houses ever:

Love to you all,

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