Naked in the Periwinkle, New Blog Posting Schedule

Ahhh, Sunday morning. I’m not sure why I love them so much, but I do. I think I did traditional work for so long, on that Monday through Friday schedule, that the weekends still feel special to me. They have always been a time to catch up on chores and responsibilities and a time to rest and restore.


Most of you have come through the whole shingles thing with me (see previous post An Antidote for Pain), so you know I’ve been sick for an extended period of time–4 1/2 months in fact. And most of you also know that I am always looking for the meaning in things–for the lessons that are being presented. And, of course, I have known that, with this illness, my body is trying to communicate with me. As I am coming, I think, round the bend toward healing, I am more able to listen.


I know a dear friend of mine in Massachusetts is going to get a laugh out of what I’m about to say next (although I also know it won’t come as any surprise to her), because I’ve been pushing this same message on her, knowing full well she already knows it as much I do. It’s not an easy lesson to learn, though, no matter how much we already know it. It’s going to require practice and patience and a sort of letting go.

My body is telling me to slow down, to take time to breathe, to stop even. And I haven’t been listening. Even through these 4 months of intense illness, I’ve kept up with the blog. Don’t get me wrong. I love putting together posts and the privilege of talking with you. But even though it is a labor of love, and it truly is, it is still a labor.


So, recognizing that I need, that my spirit needs, the space and time to simply ponder, to daydream, to feel, to think, I’ve made a decision to suspend posting the blog 7 days a week. Instead, I will post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with the weekends off. And if that ends up not being enough, I may change it again.


I sincerely hope you will all stay with me. I don’t want to lose one of you. You’re incredibly important to me, in fact, and are the reason I’ve stretched myself so thin. I didn’t want to disappoint you. If you are concerned about losing touch, you can sign up, on the blog, for immediate email updates every time I publish a post. You’ll see the option to do so just under the main header, in the right side bar.


Because I’m posting today, on Sunday, I’ll skip tomorrow’s scheduled post and pick up again on Wednesday.

It is my hope this change will go a long way toward helping me heal from shingles. And it will also be interesting to see what effect, if any, it may have on my writing. Maybe I’ll even get into the studio to paint again.


There is a wonderful cartoon by Berkeley Breathed, one of my favorite cartoonists. It was part of his “Dog Appreciation Month” series. In it, Steve, a lawyer, carrying his briefcase and wearing a tie, comes upon a dog sleeping on its back in the sun, in a batch of periwinkle. He spends several frames berating the dog, saying, “… That is why man is the moral superior to animals! Oblivious to any notion of ‘the future,’ the beast dumbly dozes his life away naked in the periwinkle! Hey! Get a job! Get a mortgage! Get some bonds… Get goin’ on that info highway! … For cryin’ out loud… yer gonna croak. Hurry up and get some stuff!!” To this the dog continues to dream and snore. The final frame finds the lawyer, having seen the insanity in his own words and the wisdom of the dog, lying with the dog, naked in a patch of periwinkle, in the sun.


Wishing us all our own version of periwinkle.

See you on Wednesday.

Love to you all,




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