PupCycled, Clothing for Dogs: Finn’s Second Fitting

OK, my Finn had his SECOND fitting today for his custom coat that’s being made for him. Some people here in Truchas think that’s a bit excessive—that Finn might be going a little, well, Hollywood. But what’s a guy to do? The folks at PupCycled Fashions (see previous posts UpCycled Fashion: Cutting Edge Clothing With a Conscience and PupCycled: Sustainable Clothing For Your Furry Friends) aren’t just making a coat for Finn, they’re building patterns to make clothing for other medium to large sized dogs. And Finn is their fit model. I guess that doesn’t sound a lot better, does it? But the guy’s good looking. What can I say? When you’ve got it, you’ve got it. And Finn’s got it.

So Anna, Finn and I headed up to Penasco today to meet, again, with Jean and Anita at their WEARhouse. We would have done this earlier but they’ve been very busy putting on fashion shows since the last time we saw them.

Anita was working with a t-shirt “pattern” and a little number she’d sized to her basset hound. She made some cuts and took some measurements and is ready to start constructing Finn’s actual coat.

So Anna, Finn and I headed back to Truchas where I’m feeling it increasingly necessary to be discreet about Finn’s activities. Some people will just never understand. Truchas is a bit of a tough town after all. We can’t have Finn being seen as a poodle now, can we?

Love to you all,

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