December 19, 2014

My 1967/1968 “Blog”

Note: Once again I’m republishing an older post which will give me a little more breather space to get well. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Love, JGW

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My 1967/1968 “Blog”

It just occurred to me the other night that I’ve actually done a “blog” before—way back in 1967 and 1968 before we had personal computers and social networking. I was the Seventeen Magazine rep for the Portland, Oregon area high schools. That’s kind of a long story and not all that interesting, except for my responsibilities. I was supposed to communicate with the magazine about my life, the activities of the fashion board I was a part of, and general teen trends and thinking in my area. I ended up, after a full year’s competition, winning their national award and going to New York City right after my high school graduation.

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The magazine didn’t tell us how to communicate with them. That was up to the more than 600 individual girls from across the country to decide for themselves. So I ended up doing a sort of on-going journal with photographs and text. Sound familiar? I borrowed a tape recorder at the school and would tape stories for them. I think I sent a package to them every single week for a full year.

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When I thought about this the other night, I realized I did for Seventeen Magazine, back then, exactly what I’m doing with the blog today. The process was a little more cumbersome though—no digital cameras or camcorders and NO personal computers! Yikes!

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The thing I find significant about this is that it shows an important part of myself to me. I have a fierce need to communicate. I think it’s one of the reasons I’m an artist: I need to get my thoughts and feelings out there somehow. It’s not optional with me; it’s a need. I am driven. But I haven’t really understood that until just recently.

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Becoming part of the gallery with Anna last year, sitting the gallery, offered me an opportunity to talk with people about my work. I got the other side of the conversation that the paintings generated. I was able to hear others’ stories and their dreams. The paintings ceased being monologues.

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Then the blog was born and, I swear, it’s filling a need that had gone unrecognized before then. I truly love communicating with you all. It’s an ongoing, never-ending, source of inspiration. I’m constantly thinking, “Oh, I could do a video of that for the blog; I should shoot that, write about that. And hearing back from you, on the blog, on facebook, via email, is deeply important to me. I am no longer living in monologue, within my own thoughts, in my head. You are there. You are listening. You are considering. You are sharing—your hopes and desires, your beliefs. You offer your side of the conversation. And for that I am more grateful than words can say.

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I don’t have anything of what I sent to Seventeen Magazine all those years ago but I do have some more photos of my crazy trip to NYC. Here they are:

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