December 20, 2014

What’s Next?

In 2013 I got back to painting full time, painting deeply and meaningfully, creating important works for me. And I credit shingles with getting me back to the easel.

Whats Next? Truchas Tapestry small 600x598

As many of you know I was hit hard with shingles late in 2012 and lived with post shingles pain throughout the whole of 2013. That was simply my body talking to me, yet again, telling me what I didn’t want to hear. But it was insistent enough to force me to listen.

Because of shingles I left my partnership in the Anna Karin Gallery. I quit posting to the blog seven days a week. Many of you might see these as losses, and I sure did when I was making these decisions. But I was being made to take the time and space I’ve always needed in order to make meaningful art; time and space I kept giving to other causes.

Whats Next? Canyon Monoliths small 600x600

Because of shingles I have painted more in one year than in the last three combined. I’ve gone out on a limb, taken risks and painted some soul-delving work.

Whats Next? IMG 2414 442x600

I took the time to get back to the silence of nature waiting right here in my backyard canyon…

Whats Next? IMG 2555 600x450

… the time to appreciate all kinds of beauty…

Whats Next? IMG 2578 600x428

 … and sweetness…

Whats Next? IMG 2546 600x450

I was inspired by the work taking place around me…

Whats Next? IMG 2385 600x450

 I listened deeply…

Whats Next? IMG 2564 600x450

 … to the silence…

Whats Next? IMG 2560 450x600

 I breathed in the fragrant air…

Whats Next? IMG 2559 600x450

 I watched…

Whats Next? IMG 2506 450x600

 I stopped…

Whats Next? IMG 2557 600x450

 I daydreamed…

Whats Next? IMG 2570 600x450

 … all because my body, my soul, demanded it.

Whats Next? IMG 2563 450x600

None of this was planned or expected. In fact I worried I’d forgotten how to paint, that I might never paint again. And life is like this: much that is important happens when we least expect it and comes to us in ways we might not like or want. But I’m convinced that when we listen, even to those things we may abhor, when we follow our inner guidance, when we pay attention to the nudging of the universe, remarkable things can happen. We may even create paintings we had no idea were in there waiting to be painted.

Whats Next? IMG 2378 600x450

So to all of us I wish for a letting go of what no longer serves and an embrace of the unexpected, whether it seems good or bad in the moment.

Whats Next? IMG 2576 600x450

And I’ll take it one further: here’s to shingles, the gift I thought I didn’t want, the bit of real life that brought me back to who I am.

Whats Next? IMG 2567 600x450

And here’s to 2014, a year opening before us that is filled with the unknown, holding promise just waiting to unfold. May we all walk willingly into the offered void.

Whats Next? IMG 2469 600x450

Love to you all,





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