Just For Fun

I wanted to post something fun RIGHT AWAY after yesterday’s piece (see previous post Passion Vrs. Obligation), to reassure you that the blog isn’t going to get overly heavy all of a sudden. We will still be having some fun here, I promise.

And SEE? I haven’t disappeared either!

But I did travel a couple of days last week, now that I’ve created some time for myself. The first day took me to Las Vegas (New Mexico) on my way to some wonderful hot springs. No pics there I’m afraid–next time, though, I swear. However, I wanted  to share these photos of Estella’s Restaurant with you. Don’t they just take you back to times gone by, when things were simpler… when we had leisure time…


… when we weren’t bombarded by media every second of every day… when our politicians weren’t so angry…


… when we could just sit and while away an afternoon? Ahhhhh, yes.


And, mercifully, we can still find this kind of quiet, simple living any time we want by visiting our own versions of Estella’s Restaurant, all those little oasis in our busy world where time has seemingly stood still. I’m sure they can even be found in Manhattan. But it is my great good fortune to live relatively close to Las Vegas, so I will be visiting Estella’s again and again and again.


The next day saw me in Albuquerque doing a favor for a friend and just look what I bumped into!


Imagine coming upon this remarkable house, sitting in a quiet little neighborhood, totally unawares. It really blew my hair back I must say. I know nothing about it except that it is beautifully artful.


The yard is dotted with sculpture…


… LOTS of sculpture, and it is all beautifully placed.


And then there is the “house next door” which actually isn’t. They’re both one house, connected by a covered walkway, I THINK. I didn’t really look close enough to confirm this. It is a home after all and I didn’t want to disturb.


Here’s how they sit on the lot together. I’m guessing the structure on the left was built in the 60s and the one on the right is a more recent addition.


Here they are shot from the rear…


… even the “chain link fence” is a sculpture.


THIS is how I want to live: expressing art, surrounded by art, living in art. Perfect!

Love to you all,


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