Passion Versus Obligation


The exciting news I promised you on Monday is multifaceted and here it is: I am investigating the possibility of compiling a printable e-book from portions of the blog. I am creating the space to paint again. I am redefining the blog. And I am bringing myself back to passion.


I just did some searches on Amazon and there are so many books about the art journey. There are inspirational stories, spiritual stories, tales of transformation. There are books about reclaiming a life, which I think is probably the crux of my story. It’s certainly enough to give one pause at the very least. I mean, after all, what do I have to say that hasn’t already been said? Would I buy this book? Is it useful? I don’t know the answers to these questions yet but I’m going to spend some time considering them.


I came to Truchas to paint in solitude, but I no longer paint. I’m taking major steps to change that. One of these is to leave the Anna Karin Gallery–a huge decision. But sitting a gallery up on the main road in town, in the public eye, takes time and energy and moves me away from painting. Painting isn’t just about stepping up to the easel. It’s about living a life that is filled with inspiration, about creating the space to ruminate and consider and to pursue what fills me.


Something I’ve discovered in the course of writing the blog is that it is always, always best when it is heartfelt, but much of the time I find myself responding to a sense of obligation–a commitment to post a certain number of words, a specific number of days, on a schedule. This has, quite honestly, worn me out. So I want to reshape the blog. I want to write  only when I have something meaningful (or fun) to say, when I am inspired–whether it be something I see or experience or a passing thought.


I am seeking a conversation that nourishes so, while all of your comments to the blog are very important to me and many have actually helped to sustain me, I will no longer be responding to everything that is written. This goes for email communications and FaceBook messages as well. I will continue to read everything you write, however, so you will be heard.


And I am changing the focus of the blog. It will become more personal. I will write about my art journey, about my life as it unfolds, and will no longer try to cover all the artists on the High Road. There will still be cooking posts however, never fear.


So as some of you have suggested, I am not going to write on a schedule. However, you are all extremely important to me and I’ve feared losing you, which is why I haven’t taken this step before.  I know it’s easier to stay in touch if you know when I’ll be posting, so I hope each and every one of you will sign up for email notifications of new posts. I think it’s also important to make it very clear that I am not abandoning you. This blog community has become a significant part of my life, as has the writing. I’m not going anywhere soon.


I have no idea what these changes will do for my life, my art, the blog, but I feel I must initiate them and find out. I hope you all will continue with me on the journey, no matter how uncomfortable change can be. Let’s dive into the heart of the matter full bore, shall we? And have a little faith.

Love to you all,





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