December 20, 2014

Is There More to Tell?

A reader presented me with an idea this morning. She asked if I would consider incorporating some of my paintings into the blog and talking about my process. The thought isn’t entirely new. I’ve touched on this a bit previously (see previous posts The Canyon Series, How to Begin Painting Again, Painting Continuing and the older but still dear to my heart Coming to New Mexico), but her question stirred something else inside me.

I took this with me, out on our morning’s walk, just ahead of a storm.

Was there more to tell?

Is There More to Tell? IMG 7667 600x450

I breathed in the icy air, drank in the stunning visuals of my day-to-day life, and remembered.

You see her question took me back to my beginnings here, and the profound, deep, affect Truchas, New Mexico has had on my painting. And I realized there is a story I would like to try to tell, about the inspiration that birthed a number of different series, whole new bodies of work–inspiration that, in fact, changed who I am as an artist.

But it will take more time than I have today because I AM TAKING THE DAY OFF to go see my friend, Barbara McCauley Cardona, present a reading of her screen play, Every Little Breeze, put on by the Truchas Library.

Is There More to Tell? IMG 7678 600x450

In the meantime, my Kelee (see previous post A Three Legged Man of the West) is dealing with almost no snow on the ground, and dear Finn (see previous post Rescue Dog, Finn, Needs Rescuing Again) is doing really well with his treatments (a number of you have been asking).

Is There More to Tell? IMG 7675 600x450

And as I look out my window, it has started to snow.

Is There More to Tell? IMG 7704 600x450

Love to you all,


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