December 19, 2014

Come Walk With Me?

The morning dawns clear and bright and Kelee joins me (see previous post A Three Legged Man of the West)…

Come Walk With Me? IMG 5251 600x450

… for coffee and a bit of my book. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

Come Walk With Me? IMG 5255 600x450

I head downstairs to put on my walking boots and am confronted by my studio, its easels lying fallow for many months now. But I notice them and am reminded that twice, recently, a whisper of painting has pulled at my imagination… maybe soon I will be fully well and painting again (see previous post An Antidote for Pain).

Come Walk With Me? IMG 5258 600x450

The dogs show some interest as I dress for the walk, a routine they well know.

Come Walk With Me? IMG 5264 428x600

Come Walk With Me? IMG 5341 600x450

Speaking of dressing for the walk, you might want to see what I look like in all this garb before you decide to join me. It ain’t pretty I’m afraid!

Come Walk With Me? IMG 5262 450x600

But then we are out and nothing else matters. It is silent beyond words. A raven flies above me and I HEAR its wings cutting through the sky, bringing an immediate and private smile to my lips. I FEEL the frigid air as I breathe it in deeply, through my throat and into my lungs. I can almost taste the juniper, seemingly forming fragrant ice crystals in the air. THIS is my back yard. I’m entering into my fifth winter here and I still pinch myself at my good fortune. I am living a dream. I am living MY dream.

Come Walk With Me? IMG 5295 600x450

Kelee takes his first roll in the snow, an act I still cannot catch for you he is so fast. Finn (see previous post Rescue Dog: Meet Finn (Survivor)) is far ahead, as usual, making our path and the canyon alongside us safe for our passage. What a good dog! And my dear little Skye (see previous post Night Skye) is at home, still too scared to join us on our walks. She hasn’t been out the front door for almost two years I’m afraid. She does, however, have the outdoor kitty enclosure, thankfully, and she tears around it at high speed digging a race track in the snow.

Come Walk With Me? IMG 5299 600x450

It’s been too long since our last snow so it’s getting thin in some places, exposing the ground and the rock. I find that so beautiful, but not on my road. It’s starting to turn to mud in some places, which is deep and slick–slicker than the snow in fact–and much messier. UPS and Fed X don’t deliver to my house in the winter. Their trucks can’t make it. Thankfully (truly) I have a Jeep. And sometimes I must use every inch of her 4LOW. My first year here I went off my road into snow drifts and was stuck more times than I care to remember. But I know my road now and respect it so, fingers crossed, that won’t be happening again any time soon.

Come Walk With Me? IMG 5292 600x450

Kelee cuts through the barbed wire fence where it’s a little bit higher from the ground. It’s amazing to me how he and Finn know and remember all the weak places in the fencing for, seemingly, miles around. The wildlife know them too. I see their tracks every day, moving through the fencing and across the fields. The other day there were clear cougar tracks. They were HUGE and rather awe-inspiring.

Come Walk With Me? IMG 5306 600x450

And this brings me to one of my favorite spots. Those of you who have been reading the blog very long will have seen photos of it many times–in different light, different seasons, different times of day. I never tire of seeing and shooting it.

Come Walk With Me? IMG 5301 600x441

It is something of a quiet meditation for me. I can FEEL my heart rate slow at the sight of it.

Come Walk With Me? IMG 5304 600x415

And then the sun comes out from behind the clouds, changing everything…

Come Walk With Me? IMG 5311 600x443

Come Walk With Me? IMG 5313 600x450

Come Walk With Me? IMG 5318 600x450

Come Walk With Me? IMG 5316 600x450

Come Walk With Me? IMG 5320 600x450

… and I am home…

Come Walk With Me? IMG 5321 600x450

… writing to you.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

Come Walk With Me? IMG 5352 600x413

Many blessings and much love to you,


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