Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow

It finally snowed up here on the mountain! Not as much as we want or need, but it is stunningly beautiful anyway. It was 10 degrees when I walked the dogs this morning. I had definitely waited for the sun to rise before heading out.  It was 0 degrees when I got up. Brrrrr. Very chilly indeed. But it was warm and dry inside my house with the wood heater blazing throughout the night. Finn certainly appreciated that.

I thought you all would like to experience our first snow, so I took these photos for you.

First, as the storm came in, it was cold and windy and gray… beautiful all the same. I love the snow and watched it falling from my house:

Then I joined Kim in the trailer to watch a movie and enjoy the storm. It’s so cool to be in that little bubble of a space, a storm raging all around, and to be snug and warm and dry:

Then the storm broke and the sun came out. Beautiful!:

Kim and I had worked earlier in the day, the wind whipping all around, covering most of my wood for the winter. I’m buying one more tarp today:

My Kelee LOVES the snow. He even digs troughs in it to roll around in:

One of my favorite things is the sun shining across fields of snow, especially fresh snow. Here’s why:

And a new one for me… snow on an Airstream:

Kim and I had espresso and Italian Christmas cake. Then came the close of another lovely day:

What do I need with presents?

Love to you all,


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