It Was a Cold and Stormy…

Okay, let me set the scene. It has been very, very cold and stormy. The wind was fierce for two days and the temps dipped down to 10. It’s the southern edge of that storm Colorado got that brought with it a couple of feet of snow up there. We were supposed to get snow too, but it only snowed on the mountain. I love that. I live at 8500 feet and, in this context, I don’t think of MYSELF as being on the mountain. I reserve that status for Truchas Peaks, our 13,500 foot elevation mountain that I see from my land.

There is a fire blazing in the wood stove. The animals are all snug and safe in their various special places.

And Kim (see previous post A Very Mini Artist’s Colony in New Mexico) has been cooking all day. First it was bread and the entire house filled up with the wonderful aroma of bread baking.

I was there when he took it out of the oven, placed it on its wire perch to cool, and it crackled and popped as moisture escaped from inside the loaf, through the hard crust, cracking it, and occasionally blowing out little tufts of flour. Miraculous! I swear these are the things that make up a life.

And then he put in the chicken: fresh rosemary and garlic, olive oil and pepper.

You all KNOW what that’s doing to the house. The combination of aromas is divine–warm and delicious, fragrant and complex. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

A storm is raging outside, my animals are safe and snug around me. And I get to enjoy the company of a good friend whose creativity often expresses itself in beautiful, exceptional, delicious food that is capable of warming a home and filling my artist’s sensibilities with joy in its purest and simplest form, I believe.

I’m only telling you what you already know, I realize: that we are surrounded by beauty in all its forms every single day. I just like to write about it to remind each of us to stop for a few moments and take in the small pleasures that present themselves to us every day, no matter where we are, no matter what our life choices.

Love to you all,



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