A Very, Very Cool Bathroom…

We have one of the coolest bathrooms here at our Anna Karin Gallery (see previous post Anna Karin Gallery: Before and After) . Many people remark on it. Apparently there is a book showcasing the great bathrooms of the world and the people who told me about it definitely feel ours belongs within those pages.

It’s a funny thing: our bathroom has such beautiful walls and such wonderful light that we simply had to hang art in there. But some people are embarrassed when they turn around from the art and realize it’s a bathroom. I’m not sure why but they scoot out very fast making apologies. This isn’t what we intended when we hung paintings in there obviously.

I have a sweet story to tell you but I’m struggling with how to share this delicately. There’s just no way so I’ll give it to you straight. A woman came into the gallery and asked to use our restroom. When she came out she smiled and said, “That was the best pee I’ve ever had!” That pretty much describes our bathroom.

A retired professional photographer, Paul W. Bower, came in the other day and asked to shoot our bathroom. Of course! What an honor and what fun. So I took a photo of him taking the photo:

And he emailed his photo to me. Here’s our glorious bathroom as captured by Paul:

But a photo hardly does it justice. You all really need to experience it first hand to get the full effect. So come up and visit us before we close for the winter, won’t you?

Love to you all,


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