Evidence in the Refrigerator

Some time ago, when I lived in Utah, I studied with a Buddhist teacher for roughly four years. She was from Canada and would come to Utah with other students several times a year. They would rent condos and stay for a few weeks at a time and my home became our main “kitchen.” All of our dinners were cooked there. Nan, my teacher, was Thai and an amazing cook.

I’ll never forget her first time in Utah—her arrival to my house with a number of students in particular. After quick introductions she asked everybody to step into my kitchen. She opened the door to my refrigerator (clearly knowing in advance what she’d find there) and made a lesson out of its contents. It was pretty empty. She said, “This refrigerator shows a woman who is starving herself. She doesn’t feel worthy enough to feed.” As embarrassed as I was, I had to admit there was some real truth in what she said.

Over the years I have worked hard at changing my self concept. Just the other day I opened my refrigerator and laughed out loud, because it was jammed full of food! Almost without noticing it, I have become a woman who feeds herself. I AM worthy and I know it. This realization was just too priceless not to share with you.

Love to you all,

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